Damian Pipes - Vocalist

Damian grew up in England and remembers at a young age hearing songs in the car and thinking how cool it would be to hear himself on a CD. Even at the age of 10 he wanted to make music, write lyrics and perform too packed audiences. During high school he traveled around the UK to enter national talent competitions where he would excel and reach the finals. Fast forward a bit and he devoted himself to endless nights of writing alcohol fuelled lyrics and working his craft. Influences such as Oasis, Embrace and Matchbox Twenty shaped his path, appreciating the stories they told. Throw in a healthy dose of American country and you have the current incarnation! He's even stepped into Euro techno, writing the lyrics and singing on Dutch DJ Patrick Jumpens release Solis Invicti which was well received in Europe. While surfing myspace he found the demos page created by Doug and Graham and felt a musical and ideological connection with their work that he had been looking for.





Graham White - Keyboards

Graham grew up in western Canada and at a young age was fortunate to have parents who appreciated all forms of music and made it a regular part of his childhood. There were some artists that stood out however and something took hold. The artistry of the Beatles and many other bands such as The Who, Supertramp and U2 influenced Graham to start playing. It started with piano and quickly moved on to drums as well. After growing bored of playing covers on the road it soon became clear that the only real direction was to start writing. This lead to a number of independent records that ranged in styles from country rock to his own solo album under the moniker of Satellite Faith. This has all lead to this current collaboration that Graham feels is the strongest of any he has been involved with so far.